In My World, Everyone Loves Me


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Ten minutes ago I saw you 
I looked up when you walked through the door. 
My head started reeling, 
You gave me the feeling 
The room had no ceiling or floor. 
Ten minutes ago I met you 
And we murmured our how-do-you-do’s. 
I wanted to ring out the bells 
And fling out my arms 
And to sing out the news. 

I have found her, she’s an angel 
With the dust of the stars in her eyes. 
We are dancing, We are flying, 
And she’s bringing me back to the skies. 
In the wings of my love Im flying 
Over mountain and meadow and glen. 
And I like it so well 
That for all I can tell 
I may never come down again. 
I may never come down to earth again.


the last one though lol

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When contempating a $15.00 purchase

10-year-old me:

Wow idk that's a lot of money

15-year-old me:

Kickass, that's so cheap

20-year-old me:

Wow idk that's a lot of money


Kids React…. to the Walkman

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“A Japanese legend says that if you can’t sleep at night it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dream.”

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